General Manager

Entrepreneur, creative, dreamy and able to face big changes. After almost ten years in companies in the chemical sector, he decides to enter this new adventure on an individual level. Industrial Engineer from the University of Zaragoza, MBA from EOI Businnes School and Dreamer at Imagine Creativity Center in San Francisco. His passion: People, happiness, work well done and horses. Your motivation: Create employment.


Quality Director

Determined, feisty and persevering. degree in chemical Engineering and master in Industrial organization from the University of Zaragoza. More than 5 years of experience in quality. Passion: Mountain, travel and reading. Motivation: Learning and enjoying each day.


Production Manager

Cheerful, pragmatic and tenacious. Industrial Engineer from the University of Zaragoza and DEU in Automation and Industry 4.0 by the Universidad San Jorge. With 5 years of experience in industrial automation in the pharmaceutical sector. His passion: friends, history and automotive. Your motivation: learn and be more efficient every day.

Financial Director

Positive, dreamy and responsible. Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Zaragoza, MBA from Kohnel, Business School. His passion: Travel and family. Your motivation: Grow personally and professionally every day and enjoy life.

Product Manager

Compromised, restless and methodical. Graduated in Business administration and management with MBA Professional. More than 6 years of experience in Marketing: Product manager and communication. His passion: family and friends. Their motivation: To add value and enjoy.



Responsible, optimistic and proactive. Senior Technician in Administration and Finance. His passion: travel. His motivation: learning.

Responsible South America

Commercial engineer of the University of Chile, degree in economic sciences with a mention in administration with more than 30 years of experience in foreign trade in direct relation with the implantation of companies of Spain in the market of Chile. 8 years as General manager of the official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile and 22 years as Director in Chile of the Valencian Institute of the Exportation. Passions: The ski, which led him to be president of the Corporation of Advancement of Farellones, the main mountain town in Chile. His other great passion is music as a singer of Jazz motivation: the undertaking of new projects and the entrepreneurial implantation through consultancies and representations of foreign companies

Russian Sales Manager

Communicative and creative, cheerful and open. After several years between the United States and Spain in the tourism sector I return to my home country Belarus where I have worked in several translator companies and at the International University “MITSO” of foreign Language Teacher (English, Spanish). Professor of History and English language from the International Institute of Humanitarian and Economic Sciences of Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Diploma in Spanish as a foreign language from the EOI, Valladolid, Spain. My passion: People, animals, travel, photography, sport, reading. My motivation: To work in an interesting field where I can develop my work potential and my knowledge of languages.

Central purchasing Manager

Creative, persevering, partner, Vesatil and with great commercial vision and sales. My passion is sport, family and friends. Their motivation: life

Responsible South Zone

I studied professional training specialty Metal commercial distributor for the southern part of Spain, sales specialist in the creation of distribution with wide experience in different multinational companies in the chemistry and machinery sectors. My passion: work, family and motorcycles. My motivation: To create a better world.

Sales Manager Central Africa

Intuitive, persevering, responsible and with initiative. With 9 years of experience as a commercial in different sectors. His passion: contact with nature and friends. Their motivation: to overcome the challenges and the personal fulfillment.

East Sales Manager

15-year experience as an export commercial, traveling to more than 40 countries. Diploma in Business at the University of Zaragoza. I speak English, French, and some German, Chinese and Portuguese. I define myself as Aragonese citizen of the world. Restless and eager to learn. I value compromised and collaborative people. My passion: International marketing and Sociology. Motivation: See my children grow up working on what I like.