Halal certification is a quality assurance process that applies to food, products, production processes and services in compliance with Halal Regulations and other pre-established documents. This kind of food, products, production processes or services are offered from companies that practice Islamism, both in the country and in the rest of the European Union, as well as to export to Islamic countries. Orache has achieved such certification.



OCA UNE-EN ISO 9001 – 14001

Orache Desinfeciton has been confirmed by the OCA Institute of certification, S.L. U which have granted us with certificates in environmental management system and quality management.
We explain it below:

Quality and environment policy and occupational risk prevention

In order to consult the policy, click on the following link:

MI -3 Política de Calidad, Ambiental y Prevención de Accidentes Graves Rev. 4

Norm IFS

IFS HPC is a standard for auditing suppliers/producers of household and/or personal care products with distributor brand and involving companies processing or companies that pack loose products of domestic use and/or personal care. IFS HPC is used when a product is “processed” or when there is a risk of contamination of the product during primary packaging.

IFS HPC applies to establishments whose principal activity (s) is/are:

– Processing and/or
– Handling of bulk products and/or
– Primary packaging activities.



The company Orache Desinfection obtains the seal ‘Innovate SME’ from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness


Orache Desinfection begins the year 2018 by obtaining the new seal of ‘ Innovate SME ‘. The General Management of Innovation and competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has granted Orache Desinfection the seal of the innovative small and medium company (SMEs). This seal confirms the innovation in the products manufactured by Orache Desinfection

Bilayer Tablet

This bilayer tablet has been one of the latest product developments made by our laboratory team. It consists of a tablet that weighs 5 grams, has two layers: white and blue.

It agglutinates both detergent and disinfectant in the same pill. Its effect is very effective in the elimination of germs and in a thorough cleaning, for surfaces and utensils of all kinds.

The product is supplied in 3 different formats:

  • Pot of 40 units – 200 g
  • Pot of 100 units -½ Kg
  • Pot of 200 units – 1 kg

Mosquito repellent tablet

The mosquito repellent pill has been another innovation. Thanks to ingredients such as citronella, and Geranium Oil: when scrubbing or cleaning a surface with these tablets, we obtain a repellent effect against mosquitoes.

The tablet weighs 5 grams, is monolayer and green.

The product is supplied in 3 different formats:

  • Pot of 200 units -1 Kg
  • Pot of 100 units – 500 g
  • Pot of 40 units – 200 g

Its different applications are:

  • Soils, surfaces, terraces: can be applied as floor with mosquito repellent effect.
  • In puddles and water retentions: dilute one tablet each day to prevent mosquitoes from appearing and reduce their presence.

Dust repellents tablets + PATENT ORACHE DESINFECTION.

The dust repellent tablets have been another of our innovations. In addition, we have managed to patent the product. Thanks to the repellent agents, the adherence of dust to any surface is avoided, providing the elimination of germs and a thorough cleaning of all types of utensils and surfaces.

The tablet weighs 5 grams, bilayer and white and blue.

The product is supplied in 3 different formats:

  • Bottle of 200 units of one kilo.
  • Pot of 100 units of half a kilo.
  • Bottle of 40 units of 200 grams.

Its different applications are:

  • The floor, the kitchen and the bathroom: Put a tablet in a bucket of 5 liters of preferably warm water. Let dissolve for 2 minutes. The solution is now ready for use. Scrub and leave for 5 minutes, after clarifying.