Among the products we offer, under CLEANPILL’s own brand, are:
– Natural and scented multi-purpose tablets.
– Disinfectant tablets: for surfaces, Legionella, food and sanitary industry.
– Other applications, such as: fungicides, fruit and vegetable hygiene, mosquito repellent, for livestock industry, water purification, sterilization and even windshield wipers.

As brand OFLACHER:
– Tablets for washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and urinals.
– And, for cleaning coffee machines and deep fryers.


The product has outstanding competitive advantages: Ease of use and easy dosage, safety and logistical improvement by weight reduction.

Ease of use: The pill is dissolved in the recommended amount of water for each application. Disinfection is made by contact. The dissolution is applied directly on the surface, leaving to act and clarifying finally. It can also be applied once dissolved, with cloth, dishcloth or mop.

Easy dosage: A pill is diluted directly in a bucket between 8 and 10 litres of water. Only the dosage is exceeded if a more guaranteed disinfection is required.

Safety: The product is much safer than conventional bleach, since they are solid tablets. In case of breakage of the pot, no product is lost because it is not liquid. If a tablet falls to the ground, it is collected and can be stored again (as long as it has not been wet). In most cases, a emetic is included in the event of accidental ingestion.

Logistics: The tablets are ultraconcentrated and occupy very little. Therefore, they can be supplied in three different formats: pots of 160 grams (48 pills), 0.50 kg (150 pills) and 1 kg (300 pills). Given that the 160 gram pot (48 tablets) is equivalent to 6 litres of conventional bleach, it is a significant saving in weight, space and volume when making the purchase. And also a cost-saving logistics for storage.


Comments from some of the users:
“I love them, occupy very little space and rampant a lot”
“Do not stain anything”
“They serve even for the washing machine as a whitening agent”
“Very cheap compared to conventional bleach.”
“For rinsing the dishwasher goes great and the smells go”
“The best invention … test exceeded!”