In its beginnings, Orache Desinfection only manufactured substitutes for bleach, but recently received the registers as biocides, both for disinfecting in food industry (slaughterhouses, canning, farms), disinfection of surfaces, As a disinfection in hospitals (against Ebola).

We have developed outstanding formulas for the parapharmacy sector (such as CleanPill Baby pills for sterilization of pacifiers and teats), disinfection of fruits and vegetables (CleanPill veggies & fruits), even for the automotive sector (CleanPill Wiper blades), with some 45 grams, which are thrown directly into the water tank and then filled with water and generated in situ the liquid wiper.

Therefore, Orache offers a complete range of products for cleaning and disinfecting, in ultraconcentrated tablets, increasing safety and ease of use, thus avoiding the transport of water and unnecessary weight and improving the environment against Traditional liquid products.


Designed to control humidity and create a healthy and pleasant environment. It has two parts: in the upper one, the anti-humidity tablet is introduced, which absorbs the excess moisture and deposits it in liquid form in the lower part to be eliminated in the drain or in the toilet.

The set includes the device with a spare part in the chosen format: pill or bag.

The refill in pill is available in neutral fragrance and in a bag it is possible neutral aroma, lavender and vanilla, fresh air and citrus cocktail.

Relevant uses: control humidity, prevent mold, neutralize bad odors, etc. in spaces at home, cabinets… even in caravans.

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