Manufacturing innovation

Orache Desinfection is a benchmark in the manufacture of disinfectant tablets, substitutes for liquid disinfectants. Product registered and endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

Manufacturing innovation

Orache is the world reference in the manufacture of sanitizing and disinfectant tablets. Solutions adapted to all needs, always guaranteeing maximum protection.

We develop the new disinfection

With more than 16 years of experience, we operate on 5 continents with distributors and end customers. We have all the manufacturing licenses and the most demanding quality certificates.

The easiest, most practical and safest disinfection

Cleanpill disinfectant tablets dissolve quickly in water, allowing easy control of the dose used. Its solid format reduces risks, splashes and accidents, in addition to improving its durability and storage: the 1Kg pot is equivalent to up to 37 liters of bleach.

Leaders all around the world

We are the world benchmark in disinfectant, sanitizing and detergent tablets. Our products are used in industries and homes around the world; our virucides have even been used in epidemics of Ebola, coronavirus and other serious threats.

We are innovation and quality

We have built a new way of understanding cleaning and disinfection, but we don’t stop there. We constantly innovate to improve the quality of our products, from our own laboratory but also in each of our processes.

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