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Recognition of our work

The differential vision of Orache Desinfection and its fight for a safer world have received numerous distinctions since its founding
orache awards

Looking forward

Throughout our history we have received numerous awards that highlight our work for society. They are important recognitions to be proud of, but we continue to work to go further in our goals.

Most outstanding awards

Business Excellence 2021 - Bronze Category

IV Huesca 2020 SME of the Year Award

XV Finalist of the 2017 National Young Entrepreneur Award

Finalist of the Pilot Logistics Excellence Award 2016

Accesit Comprendedor 2015 – Entrepreneur modality

Entrepreneur XXI Award – Creces modality


We make innovation happen thanks to valuable feedback from customers, partners and the rest of society: you can send us any message and we will handle it with our full attention.