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Quality driven

Orache develops the future of industry and hygiene: we have implemented the most demanding controls and processes to ensure the highest quality in products and services.

orache quality

Analysis and control as drivers of change

Orache Desinfection has its own laboratory for the development of new products and for the analysis of the finished product. Each product is backed by rigorous testing conducted by external laboratories. We constantly improve our products and methods, as shown by our certifications and licenses.

ISO 9001 – Quality management

This accreditation certifies the continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes and systems: the relationship with clients is the center of our company.

ISO 140014 – Environmental management

We are a company that protects the environment, as stated in this certification. We work for a better world, taking care of all possible problems.

Quality, Environmental and Major Accident Prevention Policy

The Management of ORACHE DESINFECTION has established both the Quality and Environmental Policy and the Serious Accident Prevention Policy, with the premise that the quality, environmental and safety management of the activities and the integrity of the workers, clients and facilities is the responsibility of both the Management and all the workers who carry out their activity in the same.

This policy is consistent with the organisation’s strategic lines and is appropriate to meet the organisation’s objectives.

The Quality and Environmental Policy, the Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) and the principles that comprise them are set out below.

Download full document here:


IFS standard

The IFS HPC standard audits suppliers and manufacturers of household products: our disinfectant tablets comply with all safety recommendations.


Halal Certification

Orache is a global company: our products respect Halal regulations and can be used in accordance with Islamic recommendations.

Innovative solutions

Disinfectant bilayer tablets

This tablet weighs 4 grams and has two layers: white and blue, bringing together detergent and disinfectant in a single tablet. It is very effective in the elimination of germs and in a thorough cleaning, for surfaces and utensils of all kinds.


We make innovation happen thanks to valuable feedback from customers, partners and the rest of society: you can send us any message and we will handle it with our full attention.