Find the answer to the most common doubts among our clients: browse the categories and contact us for more information.


Find the answer to the most common doubts among our clients: browse the categories and contact us for more information.


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General Inquiries

Are the products an alternative to liquid bleach?

Yes, completely. They are used as substitutes.

How many liters of conventional bleach does each bottle of Cleanpill tablets equal?

  • 8 tablets – 1 L of conventional bleach
  • 1 bottle of 48 tablets (160gr) – 6 L of conventional bleach
  • 1 bottle of 150 tablets (500gr) – 18.5 L of conventional bleach
  • 1 bottle of 300 tablets (1Kg) – 37 L of conventional bleach

I have doubts about your use of the tablets. I have always used bleach. But I see that, with this product, it is indicated that 8 tablets are equivalent to 1 L of bleach and that 1 tablet must be used in a bucket. If I compare it with the recommendation that is indicated in liquid bleach: it is 100 ml per bucket.

If you dilute 8 pills in 1 liter of water, then you can pour 100 ml into each bucket of water and therefore you get 10 doses. We recommend 1 tablet per bucket to guarantee disinfection.

What are the main advantages of the tablets?

The ease of use and dosage, safety, saving in volume, weight, space and also economic savings. On the other hand, it improves the environment, since, being solid tablets, the plastic containers are smaller and by taking advantage of the excess product … with Cleanpill you save on water transport, favor recycling and no waste is generated.

Why are the tablets a significant financial savings?

Because liquid bleach in the last year has reduced its production in Spain by approximately 45% and, therefore, the price is becoming more expensive.

What is the dosage of the products?

Each product has different dosages. See in the technical sheets.

Bleach spoils the color of clothes, also multi-purpose tablets?

No, it is another of its advantages. In the event of accidental contact with clothing, the tablet itself does not stain, although we recommend not leaving it on any garment because, in case of humidity, the tablet could begin to act and one of its effects is whitening. Once dissolved, the degree of concentration in the water is so small that it would not discolor the clothes if it splashed on us. For more information: see questions about the use of the multipurpose tablets in the washing machine.

Can the tablets be used with steel?

They cannot be used on metals. Only in special cases and with a very low concentration (recommended by the manufacturer in the technical data sheet). Otherwise, they can corrode.

Can you take the tablets with bare hands?

We recommend wearing gloves. If they are not used, it is mandatory to wash your hands with water, once the tablets have been in contact with the skin. The same cap can also be used to facilitate dosing and avoid touching the tablet by hand.

Can I keep the open bottle with the tablets inside?

No, mainly for security. Also to avoid dust and humidity. If a drop of water fell (being such a small amount of water), it would cause the release of all the chlorine and it would smell very strong.

What is the expiration date of the product? What happens if the product is expired?

The tablet loses 1% of chlorine, after 3 years. That is, he is still rich, even using the tablets later. It continues to have more than 95% of the effectiveness of the product.

Are you sure you know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Are you sure you know what products you need to use in each case?

Cleaning – Cleaning refers only to the use of water accompanied by soap or sanitizing product to remove dirt and most germs. In this case, we recommend you choose our sanitizing tablets, such as the Natural Multipurpose and the Perfumed Multipurpose.

Disinfect – Disinfection, on the other hand, refers to the use of cleaning solutions that contain ingredients that kill bacteria and other germs, as well as traces of organic matter. In this case, we recommend you choose our Food Industry, Legionella, Surfaces or Sanitas disinfectant tablets.

What kind of customers sell the tablets?

Drugstores, small supermarket chains, distributors of livestock companies, cleaning companies, distributors of hospitality products …

About the Calculator Cleanpill mobile app: I downloaded it and it appears on the desktop of my device, but I can’t start it, what happens?

If the App does not start correctly, restart the mobile device and reopen the application. You probably just need to restart the device. If it is still not resolved, please contact us providing the version and brand of your phone.

Multipurpose Tablets

What can I use the Multipurpose tablets for and how? Do they have bleach or ammonia? The listed ingredients are not clear to me and I am allergic to some products.

They are used for floors, surfaces, linens, dishwashers and toilets. They eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. An effervescent tablet must be diluted in water. They do not carry ammonia. They are effervescent tablets that replace conventional liquid bleach.

What is the difference between Cleanpill multipurpose tablets and Orache multipurpose tablets?

Cleanpill multipurpose tablets are not disinfectants, they are sanitizing. They are used to clean, but not to kill pathogenic microorganisms. For this, Orache Multi-purpose disinfectant tablets are used.

Does this product contain bleach? I have read the packaging, but I do not fully understand the composition.

By definition bleach is a liquid product and is alkaline based with sodium hypochlorite. Orache Desinfection makes tablets from sodium dichloroisocyanurate, which is an acid. Once dissolved in water, it has the same effect as liquid bleach.

Are they corrosive like liquid bleach?

They are corrosive, but less than liquid bleach.

How long does it take to dissolve?

The dissolution time is between 30 seconds and two minutes, depending on the temperature of the water. The hotter the water, the sooner it dissolves. Even if the tablet has not completely dissolved, this water can now be used to scrub or disinfect any surface: floor scrubbers, surface cleaning, WC, clothes bleach …

Does hot water remove the disinfecting power of the product?

No. But it is advisable for a perfect disinfection to be carried out, dilute the tablet at room temperature because at higher temperatures the stability of the chlorine is lower.

How long does the perfume last in scented multipurpose tablets?

The perfume is appreciated when the bottle is opened. This perfume prevents the product from smelling of chlorine. The best-selling perfumes are: mint and lemon. And, the Red Fruits, the latest development that we have launched on the market, is being highly requested by customers.

Do Scented Multipurpose Tablets also have chlorine?

Yes. 81% of SDIC 55, therefore 45% Active Chlorine (0.81 x 0.55 = 0.45).

What is the composition of Orache Multipurpose tablets? What does “Excipients c.s.p .:” mean?

They contain dihydrated sodium dichloroisocyanurate (81%), Excipients q.s.p .: 100%. That is, c.s.p. means: “sufficient quantity to” reach 100%. Another way to express it would be: Excipients 19%. Both ways are correct.

Floor solutions

Is a multipurpose tablet enough to scrub the floor?

It depends on the size of the surface. What you will notice is that the water ends up much dirtier, which means it has cleaned more. 1 tablet is suggested for a 5L bucket.

Any incompatibility of soil? Wood… could it be?

There is no problem in wood, plastics or ceramics.

Use in the washing machine

Can the multipurpose tablets be used only for white clothes? And for colored clothes?

Yes, in principle only in white clothes. Thanks to 30% bleaching agents, it leaves clothes very white. If the clothing is colored and has the CL symbol on the label, they can also be used (only 1 pill). If they do not have this CL symbol, they are not recommended.

Are multipurpose tablets put into the washing machine drawer or into the drum directly?

It is recommended to deposit them in the box, thus avoiding that the pill goes around the drum, gets into a pocket and does not dissolve well.

How many multipurpose tablets are necessary for the washing machine?

For each 4-5 kilo drum of white clothes, 1 tablet.

Use in the dishwasher

When it is said that multipurpose tablets eliminate odors in the dishwasher … is it true?

The odors come from the decomposition of organic matter by oxidation. Chlorine accelerates the decomposition of this organic matter, oxidizes it and disappears. In the dishwasher, a tablet is directly thrown into the dishwasher, it can be placed on the bottom or in the bucket (preferably in the plastic part). With the water inlet itself, it will dissolve and will leave the dishwasher free of organic matter. The contact time and the very low concentration of chlorine in the total water will not cause oxidation of the metals. Dishwashers and washing machines are usually made of stainless steel. Another case would be that they were used in carbon steel places that then obviously will cause oxidation.

Where are Orache Multipurpose tablets placed in the dishwasher?

They can be placed in the bottom of the dishwasher, in the plastic part or in the same bucket with the detergent tablet, the program is chosen and to be disinfected. Organic matter is easily removed, odors are eliminated, and all dishes are disinfected.

Use in WC

I have a problem with the toilet: I get yellow spots and they won’t go away even when I flush the toilet. I don’t know how to remove them. Is there a remedy?

These are usually algae. One of the applications of our Multipurpose tablets is for the WC: 1 tablet is deposited directly on the bottom or in the tank itself. Let it act for 5 minutes.

Are Multipurpose tablets compatible with septic tanks?

Yes, they are compatible. But a maximum of 2 pills can be used per week.

Other uses

Are the Multipurpose tablets suitable for sterilizing baby utensils?

As it is bleach with a high concentration of chlorine, it is not recommended for sterilizing baby utensils. For that, Cleanpill Sterilization tablets are recommended.

Regarding the cleaning of bins, garbage cans and elimination of odors… How can I use them?

The way is to fill a bucket with water and disinfect the bucket with a damp cloth. In this way, organic matter and therefore odors are eliminated.

Can Orache Multipurpose Tablets be used for the caravan’s water tank? I dare not use bleach.

No. The recommended uses for Multi-purpose disinfectant tablets are: scrubbers, surfaces, washing machine (bleaching agents), dishwasher and toilet. To treat the water in a caravan you can use Cleanpill Caravan tablets.

I have used the Multipurpose Tablets for Kitchen Countertops, Pots and Cutlery. Later, I read on the label the precautionary / safety phrases about the danger in the environment… I wonder if I have to throw away my kitchen utensils after having used them.

No, because the tablets have been diluted in water for disinfection. And, they only contaminate in very high quantities, if they are thrown into the aquatic environment.

Online shopping and logistics

What are the payment methods in the online store?

The payment methods are via Paypal and credit card.

¿Es posible seleccionar la opción de Recogida Local (Sabiñánigo – C/ Secorún 4) y así evitar el pago de los gastos de envío?

Yes, it is possible.

What are the delivery times for online orders? And shipping costs?


Delivery is made within 2-3 working days from when the order leaves our warehouses, as long as there is stock availability. Orders will be delivered by the CORREOS company:

  • Shipping costs: € 5.50 VAT included, for “light” orders (orders of Bottles up to 3 kg)
  • Shipping costs: € 9.80 VAT included, for “large” orders (orders of cans from 3 kg: Washing machine, Hydro 6 in 1)
  • Orders over € 50: FREE


Delivery to the Balearic Islands is made within a period of one more day, from the departure of the order from our warehouses, as long as there is stock availability.

  • Shipping costs: € 5.50 VAT included, for “light” orders (orders of Bottles up to 3 kg)
  • Shipping costs: € 9.80 VAT included, for “large” orders (orders of cans from 3 kg: Washing machine, Hydro 6 in 1)
  • Orders over € 50: FREE


Delivery takes place within two more days:

  • Shipping costs: € 13.20 VAT included, for “light” orders (orders of Bottles up to 3 kg)
  • Shipping costs: € 28.70 VAT included, for “large” orders (orders of cans from 3 kg: Washing machine, Hydro 6 in 1)
  • Orders over € 50: FREE.

What formats do the different references of the products correspond to?

In most products, 3 different formats can be supplied:

  • 160 gr format: indicated in the code with a “3”
  • ½ Kg format: indicated in the code with a “2”
  • 1 Kg format: indicated in the code with a “1”

For example, the natural Multipurpose encoding: PTCP3N (160 gr format), PTCP2N (500 gr format) and PTCP1N (1 Kg format).

Technical information

What is the meaning of PURE pH 0.3-1? I understand that products from PH 0 to 6.5 are acidic.

The tablet before being dissolved has a very low pH, since it is an acid product. Once diluted, the resulting pH is 6.5.

Do you have any product that is totally neutral, alkaline or acidic?

All products have a neutral pH between 6 and 7 when dissolved. As an alkaline product it would be the degreaser, the fryer tablets.

What is the raw material of the product?

Dichloroisocyanuric sodium dihydrate, also called: SDIC 55, Troclosen sodium.

When disinfectant tablets dissolve, how many parts of free chlorine per million are there (ppm)?

Regarding the disinfectant tablets: each 3.35 gr. contains 1.5 gr. of active chlorine, therefore, a tablet dissolved in 1 liter of water gives 1500 ppm of active chlorine.

How much sodium hypochlorite results after dissolving the tablet in water?

The following table shows the corresponding yields (ppm) for each of the products:


Multipurpose tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

1500 ppm

Disinfectant tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

1500 ppm

Veggies & Fruits tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

600 ppm

Deterbleach tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

2200 ppm

Sterilization Tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

1100 ppm

Potabilization tablets

1 tablet

1 L of water

4,70 ppm

Rest of Cleanpill applications

1 tablet

1 L of water

1500 ppm

Are disinfectant tablets biodegradable?

In relation to the query on the biodegradability conditions of the product, we inform you in detail about it: as with all biocidal or disinfectant products, biodegradability is incompatible with the biocidal or disinfectant activity, since this is defined as the capacity of a material or a substance to be decomposed by the metabolic action of microorganisms.

Cleanpill is a mixture of troclosen sodium (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) and adipic acid.

In this mixture, the active substance or disinfection molecule is troclosen (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) in solution. This solution is balanced in terms of the pH range due to the acid action of adipic acid.

The biodegradability of the product cannot be understood except by knowing the biodegradability of each of its components in the mixture:


INDEX: 613-030-01-7
CAS: 51580-86-0
EC: 220-767-7
Sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid dihydrate

INDEX: 607-144-00-9
CAS: 124-04-9
EC: 204-673-3 REACH: 01-2119457561-38
Adipic acid

Persistence and degradability

4%; 60 d
OECD Test Guideline 306

Bioaccumulative potential
No information available

Mobility in the soil
No information available

Persistence and degradability

100%; 28 d

OECD TG 301B Readily biodegradable

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) 598 mg / g (5 d) (IUCLID)

Theoretical Oxygen Demand (DTO) 1,423 mg / g

The disinfectant molecule, therefore, cannot comply with 100% biodegradability and in this case it complies with 4% in 60 d (days).

The adjuvant molecule or adipic acid is 100% biodegradable, complying with the 648/2004 regulation that refers to surfactants or adjuvants that accompany disinfectant molecules in biocidal products formulated based on a mixture of substances.

The values reflected here refer to the pure product and not to a solution thereof.

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