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Legionella disinfectant tablets

Powerful biocide that removes microorganisms from refrigeration equipment without damaging machinery – simple and effective protection against Legionella and other threats.

Biocidal protection for refrigeration equipment

Cleanpill Legionella tablets kill microorganisms without damaging equipment, so it is recommended for cooling towers and other systems, especially as a shock treatment to prevent resistance of Legionella to other products.

These tablets are totally soluble in water and compatible with the materials used in cooling systems, with ionic and non-ionic compounds. They comply with the UNE_EN 13623 standard – Chemical and antiseptic disinfectants. Bacterial activity of products against Legionella pneumophila.

N.º Registro: 18-100-09329

How to use it

Cooling systems

Cleanpill Legionella tablets support the following applications and dosages:

Maintenance: 1 tablet per 100 liters of the volume of the circuit

Anti-legionella treatment: 3 tablets per 100 liters of the volume of the circuit


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Quality guarantee

All Orache products comply with the most demanding regulations at European level, guaranteeing complete disinfection of:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Virus
  • Spores