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We disrupt the industry with our solutions: we make effective disinfection easy and take it to five continents. The hygiene of the future is designed in Orache.

Corporate information

Orache Desinfection brings innovation to the chemical sector with disinfectant, sanitizer and detergent tablets.

Founded in 2012, our company is the world benchmark in the sector thanks to a unique vision. We cover all processes, from product development to distribution to the customer, to guarantee the highest quality in our solutions.

Adapted solutions

We have developed products that are easy to use but that also guarantee maximum efficiency on all types of surfaces. We adapt to the needs of each sector and each client for a better service and maximum security.


We continually develop new products to respond to the needs of society. Our experience helps us go further every day, improving the world day by day.

Integral development

The professionalism of the team allows to perfect each process and improve the final result. Process adaptation has been key to reaching five continents, through distributors, platforms and end customers.


Orache Desinfection has its own laboratory for the development of new products and for the analysis of the finished product. Each product is backed by rigorous testing conducted by external laboratories. We constantly improve our products and methods, as shown by our certifications and licenses.

Our mission

Orache Desinfection is a company dedicated to the manufacture of products for disinfection in tablets.

Orache Desinfection’s mission focuses on the customer. Provide our customers with the most competitive quality-price cleaning and disinfection products in tablets, maintaining a deep commitment to respect and care for the environment and ensuring the job safety of our workforce.

An outstanding team

We have the most interesting profiles to ensure excellence in each process. Restless, committed and dreaming people to build a better world every day.