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Orache Desinfection joins Black Friday

November 2018 –




  • On AMAZON, direct discount on all our articles (see conditions at the end of this publication).
  • In our ONLINE STORE, follow theses steps:
    1. Select the products to buy
    2. Click on “View cart
    3. Copy and paste the promotional code “blackfridayorache” and click on “Apply coupon

Enjoy a 30% discount on your order ! **

* Available from 00:00 (GTM) until 23: 59h (GTM) of 11/23/2018.
** Shipping costs out of promotion. They will be charged separately, with the same conditions as always.




To get the discount:

  1. Add all the products described in the promotional message to your shopping cart. For this, you have two options:
    1. By means of the button Add to the basket that you will find in the description of the promotion, OR:
    2. By means of the button Add to the basket that you will find in the informative page of each product.
  2. The amount of the discount will be reflected on the page of completion of the purchase and will be applied proportionally to all the items of the promotion that are in the shopping cart. For example, if the promotion offers EUR 5 discount on an item valued at EUR 10 when purchasing 2 items valued at EUR 20 each, the EUR 5 will be divided proportionally among the three items, so that an item appears with EUR 1 of discount, and the other two items with a discount of 2 EUR each.
  3. If you cancel or return an article of the promotion, the discount that was previously applied to the items of the order will be subtracted from the refund.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion valid for a limited time. Amazon reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • If you do not purchase the items included in the promotion by adding them to your shopping cart while the promotion is in effect, the promotion will not apply.
  • The promotion applies only to those qualified articles that show the offer message on the corresponding product detail page.
  • The promotion applies only to products offered by the seller specified in the offer message. It will not apply to the same products sold by or other sellers. For example, if the promotion is available for a kitchen game offered by a certain vendor and the same cooking game is also offered by, the promotion offered by said vendor will not be applicable to the product offered by
  • For promotions 2×1, 3×2, or any promotion that has a similar performance, and unless the text of the promotion indicates otherwise, the offer will be applied to the article or articles qualified (s) with the lowest price.
  • All qualified items must be purchased in the same order and sent to a single address.
  • The charges for shipping and processing will apply to all products.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Does not apply to orders placed through the 1-Click service.
  • The offer is valid until stocks run out.
  • The offer must comply with the requirements of the applicable legislation.
  • If you remove an article of the promotion from your shopping cart or if you breach any Term or Condition, the promotion will no longer be valid and the corresponding benefit will not be applied.
  • Promotion subject to the seller’s general conditions of sale.