Orache Desinfection implements the fourth production line in Sabiñánigo

October 2018.- Orache Desinfection continues its growth process by investing in the 4th production line. Soon, the factory adds a new line to its facilities. With it, Orache Desinfection will increase its flexibility, productive capacity and will modernize part of the productive processes. 100% of the production of this new line will be for export mainly to the US. It is planned to have it in operation at the beginning of 2019.

With this new line, a packaging that does not exist in the market until now will be manufactured, which will allow access to new markets and customers. The investment will be € 336,000, with these the firm will have invested € 2 million in the last 5 years. Consolidating its presence in Sabiñánigo and increasing its competitiveness for future challenges of the future.

In mid-August 2017, Orache Desinfection exhibited at the Hygiene Companies Fair of Sao Paolo, with the launch of several new products in Brazil, and after signing an agreement with a local company, began the registration of several products. Currently a total of eight products manufactured in Orache Desinfection are in the process of being registered in Brazil and the Aragonese company expects to expand with four more in the remainder of the year, so it trusts to enter this market in 2019. With these new developments, the firm completes its latest launches with anti-humidity tablets.

The new expansion plan in the production plant of Orache Desinfection will involve the generation of employment, which continues to strengthen the trajectory of the company.

Orache Desinfection has a supportive soul

October 2018 – From Orache Desinfection we maintain our will to contribute positively in society, and for this reason we will be present at the solidarity march against cancer in Larrés this Sunday, October 7 at 11:00 h.

The AECC of Sabiñánigo continues taking important steps in its fight against cancer, and invites us to Larrés to support their struggle. Walking or running …

Cheer up and participate!

Renewed the IFS HPC audit

October 2018 – The Quality department of Orache Desinfection has successfully passed the tests carried out to renew the IFS HPC certification.

This is an audit is carried out to suppliers and producers of cleaning products for domestic or personal care. It ensures that it is quality and safe products, and that they meet the required specifications, without representing any danger to the safety of consumers.

Test passed!

We launch DESDRY, new dehumidifying product

October 2018 – Orache Desinfection does not stop finding solutions for home or business. This time we propose DESDRY, designed to control humidity and create a healthy and pleasant environment.

A discrete device with two parts: in the upper part, the humidity pill or sachet is inserted. It absorbs excess moisture and deposits it in liquid form in the lower part. We throw the collected water into a drain or WC and that is all. Easy, discreet, effective … perfect!

The set includes the device and a replacement in the chosen format: pill or bag. Once exhausted we will only have to choose the fragrance of a new refill.

In pill it is possible in neutral aroma and in bag it can be neutral, lavender and vanilla, fresh air and citrus cocktail.

You can download the APP Orache!

June 2018.- App Calculator dosage and concentration. This is an App available for both Android and IOS. It is possible to calculate the dosage and the concentration of active chlorine (ppm) depending on the quantity of litres of water. It is a very useful tool for both the general public and the professional.

Orache Desinfection is registered in the portal of potential UN suppliers

May 2018.- Orache Desinfection is registered in the portal of potential suppliers of the ONU, whose mission is to help people to improve their living conditions by providing the necessary products in emergencies, such as our tablets CLEANPILL of purification that can help these people to purify the water.
Because as you know in Orache Desinfection we like to be solidarity and help the neediest.

Orache Desinfection supports Professional training at Institute Biello Aragon of Sabiñánigo

May 2018.- Orache Desinfection is present at the scientific week held at the Colegio Montecorona de Sabiñánigo

Because of the importance of the education of the young serrableses and, not so young, Orache Desinfection supports the vocational training in the Institute of Biaragón Aragon of Sabiñánigo, so that these students have an opportunity to form and Get a better future without leaving your locality.
It also shows its support collaborating with different entities of Sabiñánigo in the scientific week, also known as the “Fair of Chemistry”, held at the Colegio Montecorona in the same locality.

Le magazine ``Hotel Equipment`` recommande Cleanpill

April 2018.- Hello everyone! This month of April we are again present in another professional portal: EQUIPAMIENTO HOTELERO. Our natural multi-purpose tablets are recommended as a professional hygiene solution. It is a medium that is aimed at professionals in the hospitality and catering world as well as for installers and distributors.

To read the news: http://equipamientohostelero.com/cleanpill-maxima-higiene-con-orache-desinfection/

Orache Desinfection present in the Blog Banium

March 2018.- Every day are more portals and blogs that we choose to recommend as a cleaning solution. In this case has been in the portal of Baños Banium: In his article “Forget the bleach in the bathroom with Cleanpill” We recommend our multi-purpose tablets, toilet pads and urinary tablets to clean the toilets in a comfortable, effective and safe. We hope you like it!


Cleanpill Best Cleaning Product 2018

February 2018.-Among the surveys carried out to many people in Portugal, during the year 2017, was obtained the highest score in cleaning products, rising with the award, logo that will appear during 2018 in all our packages.

The company Orache Desinfection obtains the seal 'Innovate SME'

January 2018.- Orache Desinfection begins the year by obtaining the new seal of ‘ Innovate SME ‘. The General Management of Innovation and competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has granted Orache Desinfection the seal of the innovative small and medium company (SMEs). This seal confirms the innovation in the products manufactured by Orache Desinfection.

Orache Desinfection, being an European reference in innovation and manufacture of disinfectant tablets, sanitizers and detergents has been recognized with this seal, which has been created and regulated by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, under the Order ECC/1085/2015, for the purpose of promote the R + D + I in our country.

This recognition affirms the firm effort and constant evolution of the company in the R + D + I area and is the result of several innovative projects that Orache Desinfection has carried out in recent years, such as the development of the bilayer tablet with disinfectant and detergent or applications such as dirt repellent or tablets that disinfect fruits and vegetables.

 R + D + I and quality of their products

Orache Desinfection affirms that the innovation in the formulas of its tablets is key to be competitive and to obtain differentiation in the market. To this end, it has a highly qualified team that researches and offers completely innovative hygiene solutions.

With the obtaining of the innovative SME seal, Orache Desinfection becomes part of the group of innovating Spanish companies thanks to its innovative nature and its participation in numerous projects of public announcements of investigation in the last years .

Orache Desinfection is present in the Cosas de Casa magazine of the RBA group

This January, Orache Desinfection is present in the magazine “COSAS DE CASA” of the publishing group RBA with its perfumed multi-purpose tablets. More and more users who read and learn about the use of our products… we like it! And, as the magazine says…. our tablets Cleanpill are of that “house things” that we can’t miss!

Orache Desifnection: ``We must go to a medium size customer``

September 2017.-Since the origins of the company, France has been the main market for the disinfectant pills of Orache. According to Sergio Mayenco, founder of the firm, “they see us as a southern country, with favorable costs, so, when you go with an excellent and innovative product, try”
“Lower the price.” In return, he emphasizes “the seriousness in the payment, respecting contracts and dates”. Your advice for firms interested in this market is to “try to target medium-sized customers.” Currently, his company sells both supermarkets and individuals who buy online. Thus it has managed to enter the Gallic country 1.4 million of euros, which suppose more than half Sergio Mayenco, founder of Orache. of your billing.

Orache Desifnection is allied with ``Correos`` to achieve excellence in service

September 2017.-Internet sales are changing the buying habits of most users at a very fast pace and therefore, brands have to have the ability to adapt and satisfy a buyer every day more demanding. Last June, Orache Desinfection, a benchmark in the market as a manufacturer of sanitising and disinfecting tablets, launched its own online store and expanded its product offerings on Amazon’s 4 main European platforms. In order to offer excellent service to its buyers, Orache Desinfection has signed an agreement with Correos, one of the largest national parcel operators, to deliver all your online orders. Thanks to this, Orache Desinfection improves its costs, offers very competitive shipping costs for the market and considerably shortens the delivery times in all its online sales. So much so that, in the online store and at Amazon, the manufacturer incites its buyers to ask for the maximum number of pots of Cleanpill tablets in the same order, and so the buyer assumes only 1 time the shipping costs; And if the order amount exceeds €50, shipping charges will be free.

Now Cleanpill will come to your house much faster!


Orache Desinfection implants the third production line in Sabiñánigo

June 2017.-Orache Desinfection unveils its current expansion plan by implementing the third production line in its productive plant, whose objective is to serve and serve the great demand of the national market and also that of international markets, such as Asia and America. In this enlargement we acquire new machinery with specific technology for the optimization and improvement of the production process and thus, to be able to continue with the innovation and development of new disinfectant formulas. These investments are valued at a total of €261,000.

Orache Desinfection started in 2012 and is already one of the most innovative companies in the chemical sector in the manufacture of disinfectant tablets, sanitizers and detergents.

Sergio Mayenco, director of the plant explains that, currently the company has 27 people in staff with fixed and indefinite positions, with highly qualified profiles and origin in Sabiñánigo.

Mayenco adds that, it satisfies the ability to offer these conditions to young professionals serrableses, avoiding their migration to other cities due to lack of employment opportunities and even favoring their return to the locality. Fortunately we are in a municipality that has always been characterized by the talent, the capacity of work and the solidarity of its inhabitants.

The new expansion plan in manufacturing will also involve new jobs, which continues to reinforce the growth and sustainability of the Serrablesa factory.

Last year’s Balance

In parallel to this news, Orache Desinfection highlights the balance of the last year with very positive results, with a continuous growth at national and international level, launching of a catalogue with a total of 37 references of tablets for particular use and Professional (highlighting among the novelties: windshield wipers and disinfection of fruits and vegetables), implementation of your own online store and the extension of your Amazon store to the four main European platforms: France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Orache Desifnection opens 4 new stores in France, England, Germany and Italy

May 2017.- Orache Desinfection, a European benchmark in innovation and manufacturing of disinfectants, sanitizers and detergents, extends its Amazon online shop to the 4 European platforms. They will join the existing one in Spain, making a total of 5 countries in which it is present in a direct way. Today, a world without ecommerce is simply unthinkable. Amazon is one of the online sales platforms, continuously growing: leaders in Spain, among the top 10 in Europe and third worldwide.

The Cleanpill tablets are within reach of UK, France, Germany and Italy, three of them being the markets that lead ecommerce in Europe with the greatest amount of online sales. Now, Orache Desinfection has the opportunity to connect its Cleanpill sanitizing pills with tens of millions of shoppers at Amazon, offering them the exclusive services offered by this platform:

  • Find the products quickly and easily
  • Connect directly with the manufacturer without intermediaries
  • Agility when buying: “Buy a 1-click”
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • Customer service in the local language
  • Efficient delivery guaranteeing good service
  • Cleanpill sanitizing pills are now available from Amazon’s five European marketplaces.

Orache Desinfection improves the purchase experience of the user and bets on the excellence in service also at European level.