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Veggies and Fruits Tablets – Disinfect fruits and vegetables

July 2018.- Vegetables, fruits and vegetables are exposed to the parasites and bacteria on earth that can cause serious health problems. That’s why we offer you the veggies & fruits tablets!









How to use:

Add 1/4 of each pill per 2.5 liters of water. For a larger amount of water, use the proportional amount. And let it work for 5 minutes.
Insert fruits and vegetables into water. From the first minute, it has an antibacterial action on the most common germs (Enterobacteria, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Listeria Mocytogenes, Polio Virus, Giardia lambia cyst).
After 5 minutes, rinse and be ready to serve maintaining its natural flavor and odor.



  • Pot of 250 units – 1 kg. – Ref. PTV&F1
  • Pot of 125 units – 500 g. – Ref. PTV&F2
  • Pot of 40 units – 160 g. – Ref. PTV&F3