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Food industry tablets – Disinfection of floors, surfaces and cleaning tools

May 2018.-Hello everyone! This month of May we talk about pills food industry. You will see how useful they are and all the advantages they offer for your spaces or your facilities.

Cleanpill HA is a product registered in the Ministry of Health for use in food industry is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Product for professional use. Contact disinfection: surfaces and soils. The Cleanpìll disinfectant tablets for food industry provide an effective and fast disinfection for surfaces and industries of food, such as butchers, delicatessens, fruit stores, supermarkets, slaughterhouses, canneries, factories of sausages, breweries, wine industry, etc. Eliminates Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria (germs hidden in tables and soils). They can also be used to clean and whiten different cleaning tools such as: mops, rags and cloths.

How to use them?

The application of the product in the food industry for use in contact disinfection: surfaces and equipment must be carried out in the absence of food.

How to use contact disinfection: surface and equipment by washing, spraying, immersion, pre-dilution circulation in water. All necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that the foodstuffs machinery or utensils which are handled in the premises or installations previously treated with the aforementioned product do not contain residues of any of its components. For this purpose, the parts treated before use must be duly clarified with drinking water.


Application – PPM recommended – Cleanpill – ppm tablets obtained:

  • Dishwashing – 15 – 30 ppm – 1/4 tablet per 10 L water – 30 ppm
  • Food industry Material – 100 – 200 ppm – 1 tablet per 10 L water – 150 ppm
  • Industrial equipment – 100 – 200 ppm – 1 tablet per 10 L water – 150 ppm
  • Mops, rags and cloths – 100 – 200 ppm – 1 tablet per 10 L of water – 150 ppm


Incompatible with acids, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, alkalis, and metals in general. Pre-treatment testing should be performed to verify product compatibility with materials. Do not mix with other chemicals.

Replace Liquid lye!

This year 2018, Orache Desinfection will contribute favorably in the model of environmental management of large companies (chains of restaurants, supermarkets, stores, etc). During this year 2018, many of these professionals will begin to disinfect their centers with the disinfectant tablets Orache food industry instead of liquid lye, as it was doing since its beginnings.

This product that has conquered many businesses, has very outstanding competitive advantages in the face of its cleaning personnel: ease of use and dosage, safety, logistic improvement… Taking into account that a 1 Kg pot with 300 disinfectant tablets has equivalent to a total of 37 L of liquid lye. This change carries a very positive environmental impact that the professional values firmly. Substituting liquid lye with solid tablets means a significant saving in water transport, plastic savings, minimization of waste… contributing to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

This bet on the part of the big companies affirms, once again, the good result of the tablets of Orache desinfection and thanks to the manufacturer, they take another step in their good environmental practice.