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Virucidal tablets – Effective against the most resistant viruses

March 2020.- Cleanpill virucidal disinfectant tablets are effective against viruses. Polyvirus type 1, Adenovirus type 5; Murine norovirus; Avian Flu, H1N1 Swine Flu; HIV; Hepatittis B, HBV Virus; Herpes; Polomyelitis; SARS coronavirus, Ebola.

Cleanpill Virucida complies with the UNE EN 14476 standard in dirty conditions, concentration 5,000 ppm. The UNE-EN 14476 test, for general virucidal activity, requires as mandatory to perform the test with the three viral strains most resistant to the action of disinfectants and when a disinfectant is active against them, it can be considered effective against other viruses, as can be any kind of Coronavirus.

Coronaviruses (any of them) are enveloped viruses, and because they have it, they are very sensitive to many disinfectants. The most resistant viruses are those that lack an envelope, as are the three species included to determine the general virucidal activity. In addition, all Coronaviruses have the same viral structure, and therefore, have the same sensitivity to disinfectants.

Use only by qualified personnel.

















Wear gloves and a mask, always.
Introduce 3 tablets in 1 liter of water, allow to dissolve for 2 minutes and apply on the surface to be disinfected.
Leave the product applied for 60 minutes, with this we will guarantee disinfection and the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.
Later rinse with water and let it dry.



3.35 g / White / Single layer



Pot of 48 units – 160 g. – Ref. PTVIR3
Pot of 150 units – 500 g. – Ref. PTVIR2
Pot of 300 units – 1 kg. – Ref. PTVIR1


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