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How to disinfect the purchase when you get home?

August 2020.- Sometimes you ask us, how you can disinfect the purchase when you get home. We always recommend our virucidal Cleanpill tablets, because it is a very easy and very effective solution. You will get total security. At the end of the day, there is nothing like disinfecting your containers with a disinfectant approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health.

How can you disinfect the purchase? We explain how to do it step by step!

Before starting:

Clean the table with standard disinfectant and divide it into two, one part for purchased containers and another for each disinfected product.
The procedure consists of putting the products on one side of the table, disinfecting them, and then storing them on the other side.
Remember to wash your hands with soap at the end of the process

Once you have the space enabled to carry out the disinfection task, to avoid any spread of the virus … How to disinfect with our product?

We tell you in a very brief way the steps to follow:

1.- Fill a water sprayer with 1.5 liters of water and add 1 tablet.
2.- Spray on a damp cloth.
3.- Rub the containers with the cloth and if you want, you can later wipe a damp cloth with only water, as a rinse.
4.- Put the cloth in the washing machine at a temperature higher than 60 ºC.

See video, on YouTube channel: How to disinfect the purchase with Virucida Cleanpill