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Orache – Special statement Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Customer:

From Orache Desinfection we inform you that manufacturing continues as normally as possible, implementing a series of measures to guarantee good service:

  • The production team has been reinforced with 6 people, to maximize our production capacity.
  • Our emergency protocol has been activated, tripling purchases to be able to serve our customers and not oversupply the market since the current sales increase is 200%.
  • And, the possibility of expanding machinery to implement new production lines is even being seen.

On the other hand, in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, both the Autonomous Government and the National Government have advised a series of measures to limit the possible contagion within the workplace.

It has been decided to implement the following exceptional measures without delay, in order to safeguard the health of employees, customers and suppliers:

  • Our staff will continue to attend to all your needs by telephone or via email. We remind you of the contacts:
    • Administration / Accounting – Arancha Jordán – + 34 974 48 43 29 –
    • Marketing – Carolina Castejón – + 34 674 34 65 12 –
    • Quality / Service – Laura Gracia – + 34 654 29 19 06 –
    • National Clients – Carolina Castejón – + 34 674 34 65 12 –
    • International Clients / Management – Sergio Mayenco – + 34 645 26 57 46 –
  • Restriction of external personnel to our facilities, unless expressly authorized by the Management.
  • Restriction of commercial outlets for our staff, limited to cases of absolute necessity for the proper functioning of the plant.
  • Limited access to carriers, only to areas established for this purpose.
  • Cancellation of scheduled meetings, with the exceptions specified.

These measures will be put into practice until further notice in accordance with the health recommendations of the national government.



Sergio Mayenco

Managing Director