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Plastic saving

September 2019.- The plastic problem is a global problem that matters to all of us.

The use of plastic, in little more than 50 years, has increased exponentially: from the industrial sector (automotive to the textile industry), construction and, of course, the packaging of food from supermarkets.

Most plastics have a very short life, but they take hundreds of years to degrade and end up polluting the environment.

In our Blog, we want to share with you, the actions we carry out from Orache Desinfection with the aim of contributing our grain of sand in this global fight and contributing favorably to the environment:



The pills are ultra concentrated and take up very little. One of the key advantages of Cleanpill tablets is the equivalence of the bottle with respect to conventional liquid bleach:
















Saving weight, space and volume:

Bearing in mind that the 1 kg bottle (300 tablets) is equivalent to 37 liters of conventional bleach: it means a significant saving in weight, space and volume when making the purchase. And, also a saving in logistics costs for storage. This difference has a direct impact on caring for the environment, saving on water transport, favoring recycling and not generating so much waste.

















Savings in transport

Have we ever wondered how many trips we save by transporting the same amount of bleach: in pill or liquid? More space, more trucks, more trips… The difference is really significant!

















Let’s put ourselves in the assumption of a shipment of bleach in a complete truck, from Sabiñánigo to Madrid. A total truck can transport a total of 95,040 pots of tablets (160-gram cans, 48 ​​tablets), which would be equivalent to 570,240 L of liquid bleach. If we talk about liquid bleach, a total of 23,760 liters can be transported in a full truck.

The question is: How many extra trips do we have to make to transport the same amount of bleach? If we transport full trucks of liquid bleach, we need to make 24 more trips. Which, supposes an important difference of CO2 emission to the atmosphere.


Other internal measures to favorably impact plastic savings:



In the Orache Desinfection factory, there is a shredder through which all the excess caps are processed, reducing plastic waste.

















In the case of the oval bottle format and its Sleeve labeling, it favors the recycling process since they are composed of the same material and it is not necessary to separate at origin, classify … etc.


















Orache Desinfection and Ecoembes collaborate hand in hand caring for the environment, promoting sustainability through the recycling of containers by incorporating cutting-edge technology that allows the automation of their processes. Orache contributes to the fulfillment of the objectives set by the Law, with the greatest efficiency in the use of the company’s resources.