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Anticalc Tablets: Maintenance of washing machines, irons and taps

February 2018.Hello everyone! This year we are going to be telling you in our Blog some cleaning tricks with our tablets. In this way, you will be able to get to know each one of its applications and not only that... also how. In a very short way, learn to get the most out of them!
Today, we explain the use of Anticalc tablets:

For washing machines:
The washing machine is one of the most important household appliances in the house. Hard water tends to cause scaling problems due to lime, attacking and obstructing some parts of the washer (metal, plastic and rubber). Why should our anti-limescale tablets be used?
Make your detergent more potent, as the hardness of the water reduces your eficacia
• Take care of your garments more. By preventing the deposition of lime in the tissues, it will manage to lengthen the life of the garments and to enliven the colors
• Anti-limescale tablets prevent insoluble calcium and magnesium depositions from adhering to the resistance, increasing the energy eficiencia of the washer. It also extends the life of the washer
• When using a tablet in each wash, it will reduce the expense in detergent, save energy and also avoid expensive repairs due to lime
The anti-Calc tablets are used to care for the maintenance of the washing machine, to prevent the accumulation of the lime, and to eliminate the accumulated lime for a long time. That simple!
Remove the tablet from its packaging and insert it in the same drum as the washer, even with clothes on the inside. It’s good for all kinds of fabrics, it doesn’t harm them.
If you want to prevent limescale buildup: Use 1 pill for each wash.
• And, if the lime has been accumulated for a long time and must be removed more thoroughly: Insert 3 tablets without wrapping it into the empty drum of the washer. Select a wash program of at least 40 º C and wait for it to finish.


For irons:
The same thing happens. With the passage of time and use, it is very probable the accumulation of lime in the steam outlets. Without the regular removal of limescale, it can cause malfunction, as well as appearance of stains on the clothes during ironing so it is recommended to remove these deposits in a frequent way.
To do this, remove the tablet from its packaging and insert it in a basin of water.
Once dissolved, insert this mixture into the water tank of the iron. Plug in the iron. To clean the steam holes, turn on the steam generator button.
• Once the cold water refills the tank and repeat the process, but this time only with water to remove the remainders of the mixture. Continue to clarify its interior conduits.


For faucets:
Who has not spent the opening a faucet and see the water outlets interrupted by the lime? Dripping faucets, bad smell… We talk about the same kind of problem as in the previous two cases. Over time, faucets can be plugged, even making the faucets lose pressure. How to use our anti-limescale tablets for faucets? Very simple!
• With pliers, remove the nozzles from the faucets and put them all in a basin with water next to 1 tablet.
• Leave them for 20 minutes, then remove them from the water and rinse.
• They will be ready to replace them in the faucet.
Very simple and fast. Thanks to the anti-Calc Oflacher tablets, the maintenance of the house is much faster and easier.
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Have a nice day.