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Coffee Machines Oflacher Tablets – Coffee machines Maintenance

April 2018.- Good morning everybody! This month of April we publish this post in the Blog where we explain how to use the tablets for coffee. Have you ever had problems with the exit of the coffee by the accumulation of lime? These tablets solve this problem in a very simple way:

Descaling tablets specific for cleaning blind filters and professional and personal coffee utensils:


Professional Coffee machines:

Place 1 tablet each week in the blind filter, dissolve in water, open the nozzle and tighten. Repeat the operation until the water comes out clean and transparent. Rinse two or three times before reuse.

Domestic machines:

Insert 1 tablet into the water tank. Press the Long coffee button, without capsule, and perform this operation 2 or 3 times, until the water comes out without floating particles. Then remove the water, refill the tank and make two or three coffees without a capsule again to rinse.

Nozzles Faucets:

With pliers, remove the nozzles from the faucets, put them all in a basin with water and a tablet. Leave them for 20 minutes and then remove them from the water and rinse. Then put them back on the faucet.