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Clean up this spring with Cleanpill!

Cleanpill will give you the solution to improve many hygiene techniques!


April 2018.- Have you heard of the “spring cleaning”? Or the indications of “Marie Kondo”?

The inhabitants of northern Europe put into practice the spring cleaning, unlike the Spaniards, in a day or several, clean the house thoroughly and ventilated thoroughly after several months without just opening the windows because of the cold.

As with spring cleaning the house is turned upside down, take advantage of changing those cleaning habits and improve their techniques. Cleanpill gives you the solution to many of them!

Take note of these 7 points to carry out order and cleanliness in your home and have it ready this spring !:

Day 1. Change of wardrobe. Day 2. Magazines, books and hardware. Day 3. The Masterchef test. Day 4. Lighten the bag. Day 5. Clean the car. Day 6. Digital cleaning and …


In addition to throwing away everything that you do not use and that which is out of date, you should take the time to clean, sanitize, and disinfect those corners that are not possible in your day to day life. With Cleanpill it will be comfortable, effective and safe.

72% of the Spanish population claim to use conventional bleach in their homes frequently assuming the risks involved. Cleanpill proposes bleach pads much more practical and also saves money, space, weight, etc … What are you waiting for?

Ideal for the complete home (also for the kitchen and floors):

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING PADS stand out for their easy use and provide a deep cleaning of any surface besides being able to be used as mops, in the washing machine as a bleach or in the WC. Now also, they are available with perfume (mint, floral, red fruits and lemon), setting a fresh and pleasant aroma. CLEANPILL fragrances help create a homely and improve the image of our home or workplace. Each fragrance has different properties and positively influence the mood of the people:

  • For the floor: Insert a tablet in a 5 liter bucket of preferably warm water. Let dissolve for 2 minutes. The solution is now ready for use. Scrub the floor and leave for 5 minutes.
  • For the bathroom: fill the sink. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water. For the bathtub, put a tablet in a bucket of 5 liters of water, and scrub the inside. Leave in contact for 5 minutes and clarify.
  • For the toilet: deposit a pill directly on the bottom or in the cistern itself. Leave on, without pulling the chain. Septic tanks: maximum two pills per week.


WC pads are monolayer pads. They clean in depth removing lime and accumulated dirt. For domestic and professional use. How to use them?

Open the blister and put the pill in the toilet. Leave on for at least one hour or overnight during important dirt. Pull the chain. It is not necessary to brush or scrub the bottom of the toilet. For very strong or very adherent dirt: 2 tablets throughout the night. For regular maintenance of the bottom of the toilet and the drain pipes: 1 tablet once a week. 3 pills maximum per week. If the dirt is on the walls, it will be necessary to rub with a brush.


Urinary pills are 3-in-1 pills. Clean, anti-scale, and deodorize. They are long-lasting and have a Pine Perfume. How to use them?

Cleaning: thanks to the strong concentration in surfactants of the new urinals tablet, these remain clean much longer. The tablet is introduced into the urinal, and under the discharge of water, the product produces a foam and thus provides better hygiene power on the walls of the urinal. The active oxygen, whitening agent whitens the bottom of the urinal and thus prevents yellowing due to uric acid.

Disinfection: 2 very long-lasting concentrated perfumes that suppress urine odors. An effective disinfection for several weeks.

Anti lime: a regular use of the new Urinary tablets, will allow them to avoid the deposits of lime in the bottom of the urinal and will allow them to keep the pipes in good condition. Over time, the lime deposits are deposited in the pipes. These calcareous sediments are impregnated with uric acid and are the cause of bad odors. A regular use of Urinary pills will prevent the poor condition of these.