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Livestock tablets against swine fever

August 2019.- Swine flu (also known as swine influence or swine flu) is an infectious disease caused by any virus belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family and which is endemic in pig populations.

Orache Desinfection manufactures the Livestock tablets and has recently obtained the UNE-EN 14675: 2015 test for Virucidal Activity against the African Swine Fever virus.

Cleanpill Livestock tablets are a high concentration product especially recommended for disinfection of farm walls and floors, foot baths, teat cups, disinfection of stables and stables, PPE, vehicles and equipment in livestock facilities and cooperatives. They are also applicable in veterinary clinics, and at home to keep the area of ​​our pets disinfected. Usable in the poultry sector, sheep and pigs, cattle, beekeeping.

They have the Zoosanitary Registry: 10113-P.


Applications Amount of water / 1 tablet ppm obtained

Footbath 1 liters 1500 ppm

Vehicles 1 liter 1500 ppm

Entrance to the facilities 2.5 liters 600 ppm

Disinfection of animal enclosures 3 liters 500 ppm

2 liters blocks 750 ppm

Surfaces and walkways 2.5 liters 600 ppm

Equipment 1.25 liters 1200 ppm

Footwear 3 liters 500 ppm

Material disinfection 2.5 liters 600 ppm

In veterinary clinics and pet spaces:

Put 1 tablet in a bucket with 4-5 liters of water. Allow to dissolve for 2 minutes, and apply either with a mop or with a cloth on the surfaces to be treated. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with water. 300 ppm.

Activity against African swine fever virus:

The product, in highly dirty conditions at a concentration of 80% and 50%, with a contact time of 30 minutes, has activity against the African swine fever virus when evaluated using the surrogate virus Vaccinia Poxvirus, and has activity General virucidal in the veterinary area, when it is evaluated with Bovine Enterovirus type 1 (ATCC VR-248), according to the UNE-EN 14675: 2015 standard. The product is prepared by dissolving 2 tablets in 1 L of water.


3.35 g / Green / Monolayer

Jar of 48 units – 160g – Ref. PTGAN3
Jar of 150 units – 500g – Ref. PTGAN2
Jar of 300 units – 1kg – Ref. PTGAN1