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Cleanpill tablets against Legionella

July 2019.- Are we aware of the health problems caused by Legionella outbreaks? Orache Desinfection manufactures disinfectant tablets that kill microorganisms, but do not affect equipment. Ideal for cooling towers that do not have a liquid metering pump, small cooling towers and as a shock treatment, when other products are usually used, to avoid Legionella resistance.

Registration number: 18-100-09329

CleanPill Legionella tablets are totally soluble in water and compatible with most of the raw materials used for its treatment. Therefore it can be used as a biocide in cooling towers. It has good compatibility with ionic and non-ionic compounds.

CleanPill Legionella tablets Complies with the laboratory test according to EN 13623 (Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Bacterial activity of products against Legionella pneumophila) for 24 hours, it can be used as a disinfectant for water in refrigeration circuits with a pH lower than 9, the special resistance to temperature, up to 60º, the great penetration power in the bio-silt layers, its wide spectrum of activity, the high value of its distribution coefficient and the stability in hard water make CleanPill Legionella Tablets an excellent preventive biocide and shock. Does not promote foam.

As a general rule, a dose of:
• 1 tablet for every 100 liters of the total volume of the circuit as a maintenance dose.
• A dose of 3 tablets per 100 liters on the total volume of the circuit as a shock when detecting the presence of Legionella in the circuit.
The product is fully compatible with other disinfectants so it can be used in combination, once diluted.
Recommended dose for inhibition of Legionella pneumofilla 2 ppm of technical active ingredient.

It is a guarantee product:
 100% recyclable packaging.
 Its effectiveness is proven by the strictest tests and the analyzes have been carried out in external laboratories that guarantee its quality and respect for the environment, its technical characteristics and its durability.
 Product manufactured in Spain.
 Ideal for storage without risk of accidents.
 Easy handling and dosage.


3.35 gr. / Blue / Monolayer
Bottle of 300 pills – 1 kg. – Ref. PTLEG1
Bottle of 150 pills – 500 g. – Ref. PTLEG2

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