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Statement for the population of Sabiñánigo


Dear neighbors,

From Orache Desinfection we want to thank you for the support and affection that we have felt these days before the incident occurred. We also want to thank you for your responsible and understanding behavior in the face of the immediate preventive measures that were ordered in the face of the situation.

As you know, in our company we operate with chemical products and therefore we have a high degree of responsibility with the team of employees and with the local people. We have established intense security protocols with the aim of, firstly, protecting people and, secondly, having the situation under control in the shortest possible time as it has been. Prevention and safety guide us at every step and in every context.

Both the striking cloud that was produced and the security protocols put in place generate tension and concern for all of us. We apologize for the bad moment that we unleashed.

The entire team is in perfect health, which together with the health of the local people, was and is the most important thing for us. Fortunately, in the second degree of interest, our facilities have not suffered damage, so we will resume activity when the factory is completely clean and we can guarantee total hygiene, prevention and safety.

Again, thank you for your solidarity and understanding these days. It is a pride to belong to the town of Sabiñánigo, which always treats us with so much love and support.

An affectionate greeting,

Sergio Mayenco,
CEO of Orache Desinfection


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